About Us 

Hi, readers you are Welcome to Himachal Josh We have all kinds of stories, stories like stories for children, motivational stories, educational stories, Moral Stories, Quotes, and many more.

Moral stories 

 We have more than 50 Moral stories, we have written these stories in such a way that you will learn a lot from these stories as you read.

Educational stories

In Himachal Josh, you will get to read enlightening Educational stories where you will get some good educational quotes from it.

Motivational stories

In today’s life, a person has become so upset that he forgets to live life and the reason is that he is very upset and demotivate with life, but there are a collection of best motivational stories in our blog where he always makes him feel up and motivate all the time, so he Can live a happy life.


We have a huge collection of quotes and wishes according to your interest, just feel free to copy your favorite quotes and share them on your social media profile.

How Himachal Josh Started?

It was way back on 29 May 2021 when the domain name Himachal josh was registered we just share Himachal News, but after 2 months we planned that we will share blogs On this site instead of news. So we started writing stories in this blog.

The mind behind Himachal Josh

Many people will get surprised that there is a concept of making Himachal Josh as a Himachal News Website, But we don’t have any team to manage and for writing lots of content, but initially, we write some covid news of Himachal Pradesh and share on social media.

We had got approx 3 lakh traffic in just the first month of June, But we change the plan And Made Himachal Josh an educational learning blog.

Future Goals of Himachal Josh

We want to create Himachal Josh As a very good online learning educational platform in the future, so a user can get his all information from our blog.